dm12 (dm12) wrote,

We really need to help Catherine Tate win this one! Anglophenia's 2014 Woman of the Year

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Wow, I didn't know the River fandom was so large. I didn't mind Alex Kingston either, but she's hardly a match for Catherine <3 I hope she can catch up
Did you vote yet? You can vote more than once (up to a point, then they randomly decide you've voted enough and lock you out).
Sure, I have ;) A couple of times, but I haven't been locked out, yet, so I can go again


December 18 2014, 15:55:02 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  December 18 2014, 15:57:28 UTC

She's falling in the poll. Was at 48% last night (almost 49%), now down to 44%. Looks like the comments say that on this poll only, people are being randomly shut down from voting.

I knew they were going to pit her against Alex Kingston, that is a tough match, but the one with Caitriona Balfe vs Helena Bonham Carter is truly lopsided. Outlander fans are really going full tilt; that was David Tennant's downfall in the end for the men's portion, although he did come in second. I bet if Catherine moves on, they will either pit her against Billie Piper or Caitriona.

Oy, the stress of this, in between all of the Chanukah cooking and company!!!