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Answer for question 4418.
If you were exiled, what country would you choose as your new home?
Israel, definitely! It's home..... where else would I go? We've been in exile a long time, often without a place to go, so this isn't a hypothetical question. Besides, we've already got friends and family there, and it's a beautiful country.

Answer for question 4206.
Who was your least favorite teacher/professor at school? What was it about them that puts them so low on your list?
A genetics professor in college. He was actually assigned to be my adviser, but I changed quickly to someone who would listen and give sound advice. As for classes, he simply read off his notes. Once he even lost his place and commented that "there was something I was supposed to tell you..." The worst part is that he'd tell us something wouldn't be on the exam and it was. I studied it anyway, because never trust a teacher who says something won't be on the test. If they are covering it in class, it's fair game! Teachers/professors should never say this will or won't be on the test; it's not fair to the students.

We really need to help Catherine Tate win this one! Anglophenia's 2014 Woman of the Year

She's pitted against Alex Kingston and is running behind, but can still win if we help. I've reached my limit, so it's up to all of you! Vote early, vote often!!!

We've got to help Catherine Tate move along in this poll!

This is a tough one, and they are running neck and neck. It's Anglophenia's Woman of the Year 2014, and right now, she's pitted against Alex Kingston, a tough opponent.

David Tennant lost out to Sam Heughan in a tough run, so let's help out Catherine Tate!